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Since the very beginning of power production hydropower has been the leading production technology. Being a sustainable form of energy generation it experiences a true revival, above all in view of climate change and increasing environmental awareness. In the recent past numerous countries have focused on productive large-scale plants. This approach has proven rather disadvantageous as a large water storage area is required, which has severe ecological and social consequences. Small and medium size hydropower plants on the contrary can easily be integrated into the local eco system thanks to an optimally adapted design.

The development of small hydropower projects is a very complex task comprising a wide range of fields of expertise to be taken into consideration: the identification of the optimum location, the individual design, the efficient operation of the plant etc. CES in cooperation with its partners in iC group offer their core competences in geological and geotechnical engineering, hydrology and the design of intake structures, headraces, civil structures, steel constructions as well as the mechanical and electrical equipment.

Our services: 

  • Topographical and geomorphological assessment of the location
  • Hydrological assessment
  • Technical Due Diligence of existing facilities
  • Assessment of flow and output potential 
  • Selection of location and basic design 
  • Environmental Impact Assessment and identification of compensation measures 
  • CO2 certification procedures under the Kyoto programme 
  • Economic assessment of the project and financing consultancy
  • Specially adapted design under consideration of local conditions
  • Design, tendering and construction supervision


Your key contact is:

Mr. Stefan STRASSER, Ing.
Phone: +43 1 52169-273

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