CES clean energy solutions

CES is an EU GreenBuilding Endorser

Successful support of new GreenBuidling Partners in Vienna.

Operating in the fields of energy efficiency and renewable energy, the engineering consultant CES has received the status of "EU Green Building endorser" in November 2013 and thus participates officially in the EU Green Building Program.

In this role, the company is committed to helping its customers to improve the energy efficiency of their buildings and the integration of renewable energies. As endorser CES shows its expertise in energy efficient building services and can successfully refer to multiple Viennese GreenBuilding Partners, to which the company has aided in achieving the green building criteria and to become partners to the program. 

Your contact for this business unit:  

Klaus KOGLER, M.Sc., LEEDâ„¢ AP
Phone: +43 1 52169-232 

More Info: Building Certificates