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Building Pollutants & Environmental Due Diligence

Sustainable Buildings are also characterized by health and environmental safety of its construction and interior materials. In various legal and technical norms and standards, there are distinct exposure limits of pollutants as well as distinct thresholds for the disposal of hazardous waste.

CES disposes in the field of contaminant investigation and decontamination management on longlasting experience and specifically trained experts, providing services as follows:

  • Investigation of hazardous deposits (e.g. asbestos, PAHs, PCBs, old mineral fibres) in all kinds of buildings (residences, offices, public buildings, industrial, power stations) and in movables
  • Elaboration of decontamination, abatement and demolition schemes (e.g. in acc. with ÖNORM M 9406, TRGS 519, ÖNORM B 3151) and building coordination documents
  • Specialized site supervision, monitoring, external QA/QM and documentation of decontamination, abatement and demolition projects
  • Sampling/measuring and lab test of air, dust and material samples on contaminant content
  • Instructions and Tutorials on relevant Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) issues
  • Consulting of collectors and processors of hazardous waste
  • Contamination related consulting of real estate developers and clients
  • Elaboration of Deconstruction Concepts incl. Site description; and of Waste Management Schemes for construction sites
  • Coordination with authorities and third parties, recommendation and supervision of immediate HSE action
  • Specialist site supervision in the field of chemistry and waste legislation

CES is furthermore available for expert statements to various topics, such as:

  • Compliance of factories and plants according to environmental legislation
  • Environmental Due Diligence (Phase I and II), Environmental Risk Analysis
  • Feasibility Study for sites and plots regarding environmental threads, relics and burdens and hazardous waste


HSE Experts of CES are regularly working jointly with building physicists, civil engineers, waste and landfill experts, HVAC technicians and others in multidisciplinary projects. Exclusively, CES is cooperating with accredited chemical laboratories only.

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